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About the Author

My name is Trina Casey and as a Certified Family Trauma Professional, CBT and Emotional Intelligence Coach, my goal is to help all children and the inner child in us all learn Emotional Intelligence and, from that, have more empathy for themselves and our peers. I use the 5 principles of EQ daily with my 11 yr old and my students in my writing course Mindful Storytellers™! As an author, I integrate Emotional Intelligence into all of my children’s books, such as “Galaxy’s Whale” and “I Love Pink.” I know EQ can help you solve the following problems with your children and yourself:

– Low Self-esteem

– Constant Fighting

– Communication Breakdown

– A Feeling of Disconnection

– Being Bullied or Being the Bully

– Childhood Trauma

Learn the 5 Principles of Emotional Intelligence in Parenting

The tips in this book can shift your mindset and give you tools to help build Emotional Intelligence into your parenting. Create a better relationship with your kids and yourself!

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