Mindful Storytellers™ Emotional Intelligence Writing Course to help build the tools for self-love and empathy for children and the inner child in us all!


Mindful Storytellers™ is a fun and immersive course that takes children ages 10-15 and adults 16+ on a writing journey that not only develops their writing skills but connects each person to their emotions and the emotions of others. This concept is called Emotional Intelligence.

The goal of Mindful Storytellers™ is to have each participant create a story through collaboration with classmates. Over a 12 week course, we will develop characters and storylines that connect to our personal experiences in life and positive problem-solving. Through discussion and writing exercises, we figure out how to proceed with each chapter. As your guide and copywriter, I will combine your input into a cohesive story while helping you improve your writing skills. With this course, you will improve your public speaking skills, diversify your vocabulary, and create a global outlook on life.

Each 1.5 to 2-hour session starts with a self-regulation exercise that brings awareness to your body and your life in the present moment. This exercise will work on each person’s listening skills and empathy. It will end with a mindfulness exercise to send you off into the world with peace and a feeling of connectedness. At the end of the course, you will have a story that connects you to every person in the class. You will receive a copy of the collaboration to show family and friends with your name.

I am a Certified Family Trauma Professional, CBT Coach, author, and child advocate. I use all my knowledge to write exciting and meaningful stories for children that develop their self-esteem and emotional skills. These skills will help them live in the world they have been given and help them develop positive coping mechanisms to find ways to improve it along the way. My purpose is to help children and adults be the change they want to see in the world. I hope you will join me on the journey.


(Age 10 to 15) 600 euros with 5 euros administration fee.

(Adult 16+) 1550 euro with 5 euro administration fee.

  • Each class will focus on writing a story that teaches a life lesson and explores mindfulness through different exercises from role-playing to breathwork.
  • The main purpose of the course is to help children and adults explore the five principles of Emotional Intelligence through storytelling and find positive ways to express their emotions.
  • By the end of the 12-15 weeks, we will weave together a story created together that will connect us to everyone in the workshop in an empathetic and compassionate way. At the end of the course, each participant will have a printed picture book that they illustrate to be reminded of their journey together in the class.
  • Mindful Storytellers will build self-esteem, listening ability, build creativity, writing ability, and care for fellow students.

What People Are Saying

“This is my favorite day of the week!”— Noam S. 11 years old

“I wish there were more teachers that taught this kind of class!”— Michal S. Parent

“I’m so grateful for this class! It feels like a family!”— Clara C. 11 years old

“Thank you for your investment in the lives of these little minds.”— Ruth A. Parent

“What a great workshop! I got so much out of it and I feel more bonded to my team!”— Micha Meinderts TransAmsterdam

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