Books that teach Emotional Intelligence and Empathy!

Galaxy’s Whale

Galaxy’s Whale is the story of Safiya, a rebellious princess of bi-racial ancestry, who wants adventure. This desire takes her on the magical journey of her dreams. Through the chance meeting of a talking unicorn named Galaxy, she gets transported away to the land of Lyunith in the mouth of a grey whale. Safiya transforms into her true self and learns to love herself as she is.

I Love Pink (A Trans Tale)

I Love Pink is the story of Juanita and Kiana, two girls who support each other through life challenges and learn to “Always Speak Your Truth.” Their differences don’t get in the way of a deep friendship that eventually makes them family. Join them on this tale of empathy, courage and self-love!

Leo the Technicolor Panther

Leo doesn’t want the skin he’s in. He wants to be like the other panthers in the Amazon jungle. Leo also lives with a past he does not remember. What he doesn’t know is he has a destiny more significant and more important than his desire to fit in. He will discover his power comes from his uniqueness. “Leo the Technicolor Panther,” is a story to teach children to love and accept themselves for who they are!

“I got Galaxy’s Whale for my kids and it’s beautiful. Highly recommend it to both children and adults! My inner child got so much value out of it!”

—Chrissa Santoro

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