Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child

Interview with Nashwa Gawad: Explaining PMDD and Pandemic Boundaries for Children Around Media

 • 1:05:54

In this episode, I interviewed Nashwa Gawad who is an experienced and knowledgeable systemic (family) therapist who has worked in multiple settings. She has treated many children, couples, and families with positive results. She works in (transcultural and regular) specialistic mental health care and also has a lot of experience with ex-pats and LBGTQ+. She also helped me figure out that I was dealing with PMDD for decades and helped guide me to my own personal healing. Nashwa is a speaker and expert that teaches and trains system therapy in multiple (in-company) settings.

Nashwa and I are talking about our journey together and ways to help kids think critically about video games and social media!

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