Book Reviews

I am ecstatic about the reactions of Galaxy’s Whale and I Love Pink! Keep the videos coming! Your feedback and love of the books has been the BEST!

Proof that nothing is too complex for children! Kids are loving Galaxy’s Whale and the emotional intelligence and empathy it teaches. Creating a new genre of children books to help children to “Always Speak Your Truth!”

My son, Neelan, adored reading Galaxy’s Whale and right after we finished reading it, I recorded what he thought of it 💖

“It’s really inspiring story and great for all genders. My son who is autistic loved the beautiful illustrations and has asked to read it over and over.”
ANNA DUTHIE, Home Engineer
“I got this for my kids and it’s beautiful. Highly recommend it to both children and adults! My inner child got so much value out of it!”
CHRISSA SANTORO, External Communications Director
“I enjoyed this book so much. It took me back to the days when I was reading stories to my kids. The pictures are wonderful and filled with colorful adventures. The message is so what we need to hear today. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this exciting journey. More books please. Your talent is what the world needs.”
ARLENE DIXON, Grandmother
“I love the unique take on the fairytale. The story is real and also imaginative and fantastic. It’s a compelling story with a nice message. I think what I like about it is how she transforms through the journey of self-discovery and comes to see her family in a different light. The messages are embedded in the story in a way that is digestible for kids/teens and doesn’t feel like a moral lesson handed down from adults.”
HANNAH BEHRENS, Freelance Writer / Writing Coach

“Hands down the most incredible children’s book I have ever experienced! My daughter and I had such a range of emotions and inspiring feelings flow through us as we entered the magical place of this storybook. Please rush to purchase this for any child in your life. I am floored!”

NATASHA ALTHOUSE, Singer / Songwriter / Bodyworker

“Casey’s intention with this book, and with others to follow, is to create dialogue around real life issues in the world and help children learn to navigate these challenges with courage and empathy. A teacher, writer, and entrepreneur who has lived and worked on three continents, Casey is originally from California, but now calls Amsterdam home..”

“A young princess discovers her true power in a colorfully illustrated self-esteem-building narrative for children who don’t feel like they fit in. Princess Safiya is bored by her classes on proper behavior and unsure of her place in her blended family. She’s filled with contradictory emotions: She’s saddened by the death of her mother, Lilia, and resentful about her father…

Here’s Galaxy’s Kid Raven! She’s had “Galaxy’s Whale” less than a week and she’s read all SEVEN chapters twice! I’m so glad you enjoy the book Raven!

It is quite realistic that the characters in Safiya’s real world are not particularly conscious of their internal conflicts – they are just acting them out. It is only Safiya’s courage to speak about her feelings that helps her family evolve as well. Their ‘happily ever after’ does not come about through an external force stepping in, nor a heroic battle with monsters, but rather through one young girl’s courage to face her fears and speak her truth.”