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This Real Life Books are stories that were created to help children deal with real-life situations that are emotionally challenging. These stories help parents explain difficult transitions such as death, separation, divorce, interracial families and racial/gender identity in a loving, healthy and magical way. Stories that help develop confidence and love through adversity. Life can be hard but you don’t have to lose the magic while living it.

The beauty of our books is we are teaching your children Emotional Intelligence while telling them a story that is engaging and full of life lessons. One of our aims is to inspire children to be the heroes and heroines of their own stories.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of This Real Life Books is to create a platform where children who have been abused in all forms, are encouraged to “Always Speak Your Truth”, without the fear of shame, blame or harm. We want to create a safe space for children and adults to heal from the traumas that have been afflicted on them by society and its members. A space to tell the world what happened to them so the cycle of abuse can end.

Our Vision

This Real Life Books vision is to teach Emotional Intelligence to children, heal the inner child, and eliminate the triggers of trauma globally by stopping them at their source! We do this by empowering people and teaching them compassion for themselves and others. We want to create a trauma-free society and replace it with love, compassion and common sense laws that protect the most vulnerable of society. No more secrets! No more victims!

About the Author

My name is Trina Casey, and as a Certified Family Trauma Professional and CBT Coach, my goal is to help all children and the inner child in us all, learn the 5 principles of Emotional Intelligence and have more empathy for ourselves and our peers. I use the 5 principles of EQ daily with my 9 yr old and my students in my writing course Mindful Storytellers™! As an author, I integrate Emotional Intelligence into all of my children’s books, such as “Galaxy’s Whale” and “I Love Pink! (A Trans Tale).” I know EQ can help you solve the following problems with your children and yourself:

  • Low Self-esteem
  • Constant Fighting
  • Communication Breakdown
  • A Feeling of Disconnection
  • Being Bullied or Being the Bully
  • Childhood Trauma

For a free copy of The 5 Principles of Emotional Intelligence in Parenting Click here!

Books that teach Emotional Intelligence and Empathy!

Galaxy’s Whale

Galaxy’s Whale is the story of Safiya, a rebellious princess of bi-racial ancestry, who wants adventure. This desire takes her on the magical journey of her dreams. Through the chance meeting of a talking unicorn named Galaxy, she gets transported away to the land of Lyunith in the mouth of a grey whale. Safiya transforms into her true self and learns to love herself as she is.

I Love Pink (A Trans Tale)

I Love Pink is the story of Juanita and Kiana, two girls who support each other through life challenges and learn to “Always Speak Your Truth.” Their differences don’t get in the way of a deep friendship that eventually makes them family. Join them on this tale of empathy, courage and self-love!

Leo the Technicolor Panther

Leo doesn’t want the skin he’s in. He wants to be like the other panthers in the Amazon jungle. Leo also lives with a past he does not remember. What he doesn’t know is he has a destiny more significant and more important than his desire to fit in. He discover’s his power comes from his uniqueness. “Leo the Technicolor Panther,” is a story to teach children to love and accept themselves for who they are!

“I got Galaxy’s Whale for my kids and it’s beautiful. Highly recommend it to both children and adults! My inner child got so much value out of it!”

—Chrissa Santoro

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