Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child

Anxiety In Children…What To Do?

 • 21:40

In this episode, I am talking about the impact of anxiety on the life and heart of you and your children. You will get a lot of value out of this episode!

I also want to gently remind parents that the only way we can help children is to be the example of what we want to see in them and accept that even with all the care in the world, your children will be who they are going to be. They are unique and separate from the ideas and boxes we place them in, and the harder you try to make them into some version of perfection or WOKE, they will do what makes them feel like the most authentic version of themselves. So our role is to love them no matter what! It’s usually our fears that push them away. So love them, instill self-love, and hope for the best!

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