Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child

Afghanistan Is A Teachable Moment About Accountability

 • 26:39

In this episode, I am talking about teaching accountability through what’s happening in the world now. Today’s example is Afghanistan. Do you feel like the world is crashing? Well, if you are focused on the current news cycle, I wouldn’t blame you. Like most kids, mine is getting news from sources in the gaming world, talking to peers, and even school. For example, I was agitated when I heard my son’s school discussed George Floyd without the right Emotional Intelligence foundation. Still, real life is inescapable, but how we explain it to our kids can create a generation of more conscious beings, who learn from their mistakes and know how to be ACCOUNTABLE, so they don’t keep repeating our mistakes. Isn’t that the point? There is always an EQ way to teach and discuss everything. 

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