Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child

The Slap Was A Trauma Response

 • 27:34

In this episode, I am talking about the Oscars and the Slap. I want to get honest about why and not if it was right or wrong. Obvious slapping another person is not the right way to deal with problems or disagreements, but violence is a foundational part of American history. We would be delusional to pretend that it does not come out. We are constantly exposed to it through the media, and if we want to get to self-regulation, we need to be self-aware about what entertains us and what we allow to ENTER us. We all have trauma responses, and if your examples have been violence, there is a higher likelihood of it to present in this way, whether verbal or physical. We need to dissect the cause and effect! #willsmith #chrisrock #jadapickettsmith

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