I’m sure you, like everyone else, have been struggling to understand what the hell is happening in the world lately. We were forced into a pandemic that killed millions, and we are in a state of uncertainty that makes getting up to face another day daunting. I empathize with you. My life has been turned upside down too.

My Story

As a little girl, I never quite fit in. I couldn’t grasp why I was born at all. That feeling that I recognized as a 5-year-old was compounded by a sexual assault by a babysitter. That moment’s impact on my spirit, would not be the last. I had conditional emotional support from my family. Those conditions were toxic at times. That pain really made me want to check out of this world, and I tried. I understand now I didn’t honestly want to die. I was screaming for help, but no one came. Even my own mother didn’t come to the hospital, and my soon-to-be ex-husband didn’t either. He had gotten what he needed from me. I only had my dog, Saidie, whose licks and frantic barks, sobered me enough to call one of the few friends I had in Montreal.

Mary rushed over and got me to the hospital that pumped my stomach to remove the bottle of pills that I had swallowed in anguish. The next day I thanked her, and she checked on me a few times again, but I think the shocking experience made her fade away gently. Unfortunately, in this reality, we are not taught to maintain connections healthily, but I wish every day I still had her number just to express my gratitude.


That painful experience brought me to a deep understanding that my purpose had a lot to do with learning how to be compassionate to myself. But, unfortunately, growing up surrounded by narcissism made me fall again for another narcissist whose only meaningful gift gave me purpose. My son, whom I will never abandon! He has been the catalyst of my Grand Awakening.

I work daily to understand the root of this narcissism on every level but in MY way. I know that word “narcissistic” is being thrown around a lot. What I know to be true is we all live with some spectrum of it, because the foundation of this reality, or what some would call the third dimension, is based on the trauma it causes.

This trauma puts us in survival mode because we have been profoundly asleep to the manipulation of a few powerful sociopathic and psychotic families, whom we sometimes call the “blue bloods.” Their cold butchery has turned this reality into their playground of slavery and depravity aka Colonialism. To cope, we have stayed purposefully asleep, a sort of coma, so as not to lose our collective minds. But something has switched on, and now we can’t turn it off! They have tried to distract us with Covid-19, an Orange Chimp as President of the USA, and now a war in Ukraine. They constantly keep us in a state of fear that is of their creation, because traumatized fear-based humans are easy to control.

The Grand Awakening

We are awake! Those who can’t cope turn to violence towards themselves and then project it out to others. Some are silently slipping into the other dimension via suicide to do their part from there, but we are descending into chaos as the truth of this dimension is being revealed, and this is where I can help.

My Calling

I am not a guru! I am not an expert! What I am is not afraid anymore! I am a neurodivergent veracious consumer of knowledge and I will not let this sick reality break me! I want to help you do the same with tools such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • CBT
  • Reconnection to your higher self through the frequency of the planet.
  • Finally, Mother Ayahuasca, who opens doorways to the truth.

Mother Earth is screaming as I did in that hospital for help but did not die nor will she! She will protect herself and if we don’t stop, we will continue to see more natural disasters. She loves us, but she will not allow herself to perish. She is teaching self-love through her resistance.

Moving forward together

I have created the Family Trauma Rehabilitation Retreat, where families can escape from this triggering reality to heal together, realign with purpose, and end the generational trauma that has destroyed this reality. This vision started to crystalize as I lay in that hospital bed sobbing alone. Longing to be held by a family, but knowing they were just as broken and unable to heal past their generations of trauma from the slavery we have all experienced. No matter your race, gender, or label. We have all been trapped in a cycle of abuse, trauma, oppression from the Patriarchal System, who turned its back on the divine feminine. The imbalance has made us all suffer beyond measure.

Something New!

Family Trauma Rehabilitation Retreat is an immersive program that will use different therapy modalities to realign your family’s hearts and minds. With your donation, we can get started and provide scholarships to families in need and remove them physically from the daily triggers. We will support them somewhere tranquil and beautiful to reconnect with nature, their family, and themselves. Then continue that support with new coping skills and therapy sessions.

Manifesting outside this reality takes a collective force, and I ask you to start believing in something new, pure and healing because it is not impossible. That is what THEY want you to believe. They have been using your power to manifest their narcissistic goals. To change that, we must remember who we are and manifest collective peace and love from within and project that out. They have used your POWER long enough. Let’s quietly quit this reality together.

Please contribute a dollar or what you can. It only takes 5,000 people out of the billions on this planet to begin! If this sounds like a world you know is possible share this link! https://gofund.me/63d4e72d